Sep 11, 2020

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What’s Your Immunity Age?

What's your immunity age?

What’s Your Immunity Age?

Telomeres sit at the end of strands of DNA, like the protective caps on shoelaces. Aging and stress will shorten those caps, making it more likely that cells will stop dividing and essentially die. By testing my telomeres, I learned that my telomere length is equivalent to the telomeres of 35 years old individuals. Now you are wondering if it is only me who get to enjoy such a great luck. The answer is not.  It is not only me, but most my patients do too.   

How is this possible?  

Telomere length depends on your lifestyle, on your choices and your state of mind and emotions. 

How do I know? 

Because the heart of my works has been to developed strategies to help my patients to live longer while looking, acting and feeling younger.T his quest has led me to develop multiple formulas and algorithms to calculate your biological age based on lifestyle factors that have been proven to influence your chance of healthy longevity.   

You can get your Immunity Age calculated for free by signing up on our homepage or clicking here. 

I also measure telomere length to predict and monitor aging in my patients.  From state-of-the art technologies that have been evaluated as potential types of biological age predictors, telomere length and DNA methylations seem to be the most validated and promising of all so far. I have chosen telomeres as my standard measurement, as telomere length has been proven to be better to predict lifespan and health span, making it the best marker to reflect what is your chance to live longer, younger, happier and sexier.  I also love that telomere is a dynamic marker, which implies that it changes over time reflecting choices and behaviors that promote healthy longevity. Without a doubt, telomere length is the best available marker today.  Besides, I love the fact that it is also a holistic marker, as it allows us to easily understand how our emotions, outlook of life, validated spiritual practice – such as  meditation, Qigong and yoga -  and mental health impact our genes and our biology and how these practice can help us to build ourselves and our genes stress and age “proof”.  

The goal to age well is to opt your biology to a stress “proof” state. So, you can overcome the negative effect that stress have on your biology and telomeres. In fact, when the body, mind and soul are well prepared to face stress, stress itself might become a positive challenge and impact your mind, body, and spirit in a positive, enduring, and constructive way. This has become my purpose and mission. By combining the best of science and technology I have developed a unique and intuitive system that aims to overcome stress by upgrading your biology, to unleash your highest mind, body and soul’s potentials and raise you up on the path to become the healthiest, happiest and truest version of yourself. I have seen this effect on me and on hundreds of my patients.  

So now I can say with no doubt that aging is one the best challenge we have in life, and aging well should become our main priority, especially after 40.   

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