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Happy YOU, is ONOGEN™’s gut-brain-adrenal axis support formula, specifically designed to support mood, emotional and gut well-being and relaxation.

This advanced gut-brain axis formula, combines 50 billion probiotic with inositol, theanine, ashwagandha and rhodiola. Specifically formulated with L. helveticus and B. longum strains that have been clinically shown to support mood and mental wellness.





What is it?

This formula features 50 billion probiotic with mood and relaxation support blend contains L. helveticus and B. longum strains combine with adrenal support blend of inositol, theanine, ashwagandha and rhodiola.

How does it work?

  • Bio-Enhanced Acid Resistant Strains (BEARS) ensures survivability in both low (acid) and high (alkaline) pH environments. The BEARS strains in this formula are designed to withstand the acid conditions present in the stomach during digestion without the need for enteric coating.
  • 700 mg Prebiotic Fiber Blend: Organic Acacia, Organic Pea Starch Powder, Organic Agave Inulin.
  • 370 mg Stress Support Blend with Inositol, Theanine, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola.
  • 50 billion CFU per serving, providing a Lactobacillus blend of 45 billion cells with a Bifidobacterium blend of 5 billion cells.
  • Formulated with L. helveticus and B. longum strains that have been clinically shown to support mental wellness.
  • Acid and Bile Tolerant for Maximum Survival.
  • Shelf Stable Bottle Technology with multi-phase barrier that controls and traps moisture to ensure product stability.
We recommend product to be taken daily.

What are the benefits?


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