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Next generation healthy longevity DNA testing that measure your current Epigenetic Biological Age. Measure using advanced algorithms that translate your unique DNA Methylation status into a single metric, your true cellular or biological age.

Chronological age is the number of years a person has been alive while biological age refers to how old your cells are which in turn reflects your functional capacity, immune resilience, overall health, and potential lifespan. How fast your chronological clock is ticking is beyond your control; however, your body or biological clock is more vulnerable to your actions and can be positively or negatively influenced by your lifestyle.

A molecule called a Methyl Group can attach to your DNA at certain locations, and can detach as well. This process is called Methylation and DeMethylation. Biological age and gene expression depend upon DNA methylation. DNA Methylation change throughout your life, in response to the choices you’re making, and the experiences you’re going through. Everything from diet, exercise and sleep habits, to environmental pollution and how much stress you’re under can impact your aging pace and influence on how old you look, act and feel.​

Methylation patterns can change in as little as 8 weeks.

By partnering Trudiagnostic, ONOGEN has incorporated the TruAge to our battery of innovative biomolecular laboratory panels. Allowing us to understand and address your aging process from a proactive biomolecular perspective. Recognizing premature aging sign even before they manifest in the surface and act on it developing a comprehensive personalized plan to slow down aging and optimize your wellness, health and longevity.​

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