Sep 11, 2020

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Commercial IV Therapy VS Custom IP

Commercial IV therapy VS custom IP

Commercial IV Therapy VS Custom IP

While IV therapy lounges are proliferating throughout the country offering energy boosts and beauty enhancement IV bags, there is a hidden risk being ignored by most of the supporters of this growing trend. When IV Therapy is given in a ‘“one-size-fits-all” manner, as it is being offered in most of these places without a previous comprehensive medical, biomolecular and genetic assessment and profiling– and without any monitoring protocol–the short-term risks are minimal and the benefits seemed to be plenty. However long term, the risks are potentially very significant. By choosing an IV cocktail by the desired effect– such beauty or energy or even by a medical diagnosis such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis– the formula is designed not taking in consideration the status quo of your biomolecular core and how this supratherapeutic dose of vitamins and minerals would impact your cellular function. By receiving a supra-therapeutic dose of any nutrient such as Glutathione, Methyl-cobalamin (MB12) or even Vitamin C, you are enhancing and accelerating some pathways that can potentially create long term imbalances of other micronutrients. As these new pathways are activated, the needs of other nutrients used by the same pathways increase creating new deficiencies and delaying other pathways that might be essential for your health. More worrisome than that seems to be the fact that these imbalances can impact the expression of your genes, turning ON genes that aren’t meant to be ON, but OFF.  So yes, we are talking about your genes and gene expression. So, despite, you might feel great just after one of these infusions; if you are one of those who has been signed up for a weekly or biweekly infusion without any biomolecular monitoring and formula adjustments, you can be potentially getting yourself into a lot of trouble. So please revise what you are doing. Biohacking your health is serious business and it needs to be taken seriously. Just as you get the best advisors on the table before making important decisions for your company or life, you need to do much more than google it and read a commercial ad to make a decision that can impact your health and even your genes at a biomolecular level. 

Despite that all humans are 99.9% identical, there are more than three million differences in that tiny 0.1% that explain why we all look different, why we can react differently to different drugs, nutrients and medications. This also explains why our biomolecular core needs are unique as well and why you might need certain nutrients more than somebody else. This is the foundation of your biomolecular identity that, in my opinion, will become in the future an important part of your demographics and therapeutic decisions as your weight, height, age and gender are today. 

I had moved my patient Carlos away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach and I started him on a protocol tailored to fill those gaps and meet those unique needs his biomolecular and genetic profiling have revealed, he started noticing improvement in his energy level and strength and he turned completely around. As I saw how things turned around for him, I learned that the highest power of IV therapy lies in the possibility of personalizing the patient formula to its own biomolecular and genetic needs. I also understood that if I was going to bypass the natural nutrition routes, this should be done very carefully and highly monitored. I decided to dedicate my life to enlighten this field with real scientific and safety protocols. I found my purpose and I committed my life to contribute to learn and create more research opportunities to increase awareness of the benefits of incorporating these innovative concepts into the practice of medicine. I founded a company with the main goal to raise resources to promote research to collaborate with the advancement of this promising field of personalized biomolecular medicine. I also became a real biohacker by eagerly pursuing the latest advancement in the field aiming to combine the best of science and technology to improve my patient’s lives. By recreating micronutrient therapy, I hope we can help to redesign and reshape the future of medicine. Redirecting our effort more towards the basics of what medicine should be. Incorporating the concept of bio individuality to an agonizing healthcare system, dying from the foundation up. Healthcare means we care, and because we care we need to change. Renewing the system from the foundation incorporating novel concepts and therapeutic approaches based more on the people that the numbers is imperative.  Humanizing the system and individualizing patient care taking in consideration biomolecular, genetic, epigenetic, emotional and cultural individuality is what we need to move from a diagnoses-centered to a patient-centered model. This change would be consistent with the turn and evolution that most industries providing services have experienced in order to be able to meet all those new needs that modern life has created. We cannot continue practicing under the old model. Healthcare system, medical education curriculum and even the scientific community and research methods need to be revised openly. It is clear that we are failing as an institution, it is time for us to listen with an open mind and an open heart. I will keep diligently working on it. We all can help.