Sep 11, 2020

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Commercial IV Therapy VS Custom IP

Vitamin IV treatments have increased in popularity over the last couple of years (12) with celebrities touting the treatments as a quick fix to boost your energy,  immunity, and even beauty and longevity.  However,  what all the excitement of this industry booming has left behind is that our body has built-in systems to regulate our nutrient intakes and blood levels — systems that we are bypassing by injecting these nutrients into the blood (3). Even so,  greatly beneficial, these therapy modalities need to be used responsibly, thoughtfully, and mindfully.

What’s The Difference? 

While IV therapy lounges are proliferating and franchising throughout the country offering a menu of IV drips named with catchy commercial names such as vitality, energy, hangover rescue,  performance, serenity, the skinny, and anti-aging. There is a hidden risk that is ignored by most of the supporters of this growing trend. 

As most physicians and scientists underestimate the power of this well-established therapeutic tool, the field is growing with very concerning structural weakness. Poorly regulated, founded on the old paradigm of  “one-size-fits-all” coming from providers with none or sketchy understanding of biochemistry, genetics, and biomolecular science, the field is still growing. Proving itself that despite these important flaws the therapeutic benefits at least, in the short term, are unquestionable. 

However, with the current lack of appropriate diagnostic testing and monitoring protocols that abound in this field and the irresponsible overuse – administering IV nutrients more frequently than it is really indicated – long-term risks are real and very worrisome.

By choosing an IV cocktail by the desired effect– such as beauty or energy or even just by a medical diagnosis such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis– the formula is designed not taking into consideration the status quo of the patient’s biomolecular core and how this supratherapeutic dose of vitamins and minerals would impact his/her cellular function. 

By receiving a supra-therapeutic dose of any nutrient such as Glutathione, Methyl-cobalamin (MB12), or even Vitamin C, we are enhancing and accelerating some biological pathways that can potentially create long-term imbalances of other micronutrients. As these new pathways are activated, the need for other nutrients used by the same pathways increases creating new deficiencies and delaying other pathways that might be essential for your health. 

When adding to the equation, these imbalances can impact the expression of the patient’s genes, turning ON genes that are not meant OFF.  Now, I hope you understand how serious this could be. This never should be treated lightly.

Despite, you might feel great just after one of these infusions; if you are one of those who has been signed up for a weekly or biweekly infusion without any biomolecular monitoring and formula adjustment protocol, you can be potentially getting yourself into a lot of trouble. So please revise what you are doing. Biohacking your health is serious business, and it needs to be taken seriously. Just as you get the best advisors on the table before making important decisions for your company or life, you need to do much more than google it and read a commercial ad to make a decision that can impact your health and even your genes at a biomolecular level. Get tested or schedule a consultation today

Commercial IV's and ONOGEN IP's

An imperious need for proper testing and monitoring.

In modern society, less than optimal diet and nutrition, stress, sleep deprivation, environmental toxins, and lack of exercise place a heavy burden on the body systems increasing the requirements of micronutrients,  antioxidants, and biomolecular co-factor, like methyl groups,  to levels almost impossible to meet just by a healthy diet and oral supplementation – especially with the increasing incidence of digestion and absorption problems in modern society. (5)  When considering IV therapy aiming either at a preventive or therapeutic effect, a thorough evaluation of the biomolecular gaps at the cellular level needs to be implemented on an individual basis. 

We are all the same, yet we are all unique.  Understanding which specifics co-factors, each individual,  are missing, is the safest and most effective method to upgrade their biological process. Additionally, tailoring this advanced nutritional therapy for your unique genetics and methylation profiling guarantees the beneficial long-term benefits we all want to enjoy when we are committing to alternative, preventive, and anti-aging therapy such as IV Vitamins. 

The Side Effects

Despite IV Therapy has been in use for more than 50 years, and the immediate side effects are very well known, the long-term effects these therapies have on our genes and biomolecular core are still poorly understood.

The main benefits reported by most of our patients are increased energy, brain clarity, exercise performance, sleep, and sex drive. 

By developing protocols to personalize and monitor IV Vitamin therapies, we have gained a better understanding of the effect of IV nutrition on delicate key pathways for inflammation, immunity, and longevity. By creating a platform to gather and analyze all this data in real-time, is how we envision establishing these therapies as a safe and proven therapeutic intervention for every human being who is trying to optimize their cellular function in upgrade his/her biology to unlock their greatest genetic potential.  

The Personalized Approach: We are all the same, yet we are all unique.

Despite that all humans are 99.9% identical, there are more than three million differences in that tiny 0.1% that explain why we all look different, why we can react differently to different drugs, nutrients, and medications. (4) This also explains why our biomolecular core needs are unique as well and why you might need certain nutrients more than somebody else. This is the foundation of your biomolecular identity which soon will become an important part of your medical profiling identification and therapeutics, just as your weight, height, age, and gender are today.

As a Medical Doctor, ONOGEN founder, and Chief Biohacker, I had moved a long time ago away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach. All ONOGEN IVs are prescribed and administered based on protocols tailored to identify and fill those gaps aiming to meet those unique needs each of our patients’  biomolecular and genetic profiling have revealed. Understanding the substantial improvement my patients have experienced since I moved to this innovative approach, was exactly what led me to found this company and dedicate my life to enlighten this field with real scientific and safety protocols. Becoming a real biohacker by eagerly pursuing the latest advancement in the field aiming to combine the best of science and technology to improve my patient’s lives.

From there we have come a long way and have developed an IV that combines the best of science and technology to deliver a seamless experience to our patients.

ONOGEN Reported Benefits

In this process of recreating micronutrient therapy, I envision we can also redesign and reshape the future of medicine. Redirecting our effort more towards the basics of what medicine should be to create a new, stronger, and broader foundation to medicine. 

Healthcare means we care, and because we care we need to change. Restructuring the system from the foundation incorporating novel concepts, including improved methods of assessing nutritional status, “omics,” (6) biohacking-intuitive approach, and interdisciplinary collaborations, that can deepen and broaden our understanding of how micronutrients and other biomolecular gaps affect health-compromising human performance and healing power, and how therapeutic interventions like personalized IV therapy can improve the well-being of those in need, is imperative. (6

Humanizing the system by championing patient preference, intuition, and values as equal to medical expertise and personalizing patient caretaking in consideration biomolecular, genetic, epigenetic, emotional, and cultural individuality are some of those steps we need to take to move from a diagnoses-centered to a patient-centered-biohacking- intuitive model. Supporting the shift of our current outdated healthcare model towards a more advanced, participative, empathetic, and inclusive healthcare system.


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